The Pub is a radio sitcom. It’s an offensive, disgusting, obsceinty filled radio sitcom. It’s about 4 friends and their liquor soaked conversations. You may want to deny that guys actually speak to each other like this, but you’d be a big fucking liar. Most of these conversations were born from actual debates, musings, and bullshittery. If you’ve ever shot the shit over a few pints in your favourite pub you know just what we’re talking about.​

Sit down, grab a drink, and listen to the most offensive sitcom ever.



Craig… Craig is a radio salesman. He’s basically a bit of an asshole. He wouldn’t agree with that though. He thinks he’s a pretty nice guy. Craig doesn’t tend to worry about people’s feelings. His opinons are rarely in tune with society. It’s fairly likely he will be murdered one day.

Kevin… Kevin is the kind hearted “sexual deviant next door.” He’s explored every inch of his body in more ways than you’d like to know. There is an excellent chance that he has fucked your girlfriend. But, somehow, you can’t hold it against him.

Groimsley… Yup, his name is simply Groimsley. He’s the laziest guy you know. Groimsley became a nurse specifically so he could wear scrubs full time. The gang loves to shit on him because he’s a fake doctor loser. But, Groimsley doesn’t really give a shit… about anything.

Morris… Every group of friends needs somebody to abuse. A shit heel that’s easy to prank, deride, and fuck over. That is Morris’ job. Morris owns a video store beside the pub (Tape Worm.) His wife recently left him, but he’s still hopelessly devoted to her. Morris is also a hypochondriac and a conspiracy theorist.


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